Saturday, April 18, 2009

We are FAM-IL-Y!

So I reached the pinnacle of life on the road -- I became a part of the roadshow family. No one gave me an award, or made an announcement..but there was a distinct feeling in the atmosphere since Orlando...when was before yesterday? Yes, Thursday, all of a sudden there it was... comfortable, expected, protected....awesome.

There is a difference, a very big difference, between being a roadie (someone who follows around here and there with the band) and being part of the "family." Sporadic folks along the tour are welcomed warmly, but when I was approached for my autograph and asked to take pictures by fans because the band guys are talking to them about me to both fans and other bands (like MetroStation and There For Tomorrow knew who I was before we met!) was then it hit me hard - family.

I LOVE it.

Here's what I learned about my "family":
  • DID YOU KNOW...Dustin from Never Shout Never is related to Dashboard Confessional (I know because I hung out with them in Ft. Lauderdale...woot!
  • DID YOU KNOW...All the Mercy Mercedes guys HATE raisins, but love grapes
  • DID YOU KNOW...FTSK has toured in Japan
Tomorrow is a day off. I think all of us are heading back to Nashville to get in some paintball before we head to Indianapolis...stay tuned.


  1. those facts are cool! you should post more!
    and also, do you know what, if anything, the bands on the roadshow would want their fans to bring them? im going to the 4.26 show and i was just wondering that, and also if they were gonna be at their merch tables, or somewhere else if i wanted to get to try and meet them. comment back if youre not too busy!
    thanks so much!

  2. Oh that's a great idea! I will definitely ask the bands what they'd like and let you know. They are appreciative of everything and love it all! Did you see the Mercy Mercedes album cover made from Rice Crispies? That was COOL!