Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bamboozle Roadshow coming to a close...sharing the experience

Well everyone, we're less than a week away from the close of the Bamboozle Roadshow and like I said before, I'm feeling a bit saddened. These guys have been the best you could meet. They've become my family and we all reference one another as Bamboozle brothers (even though I'm the only girl on tour, they still consider me a brother). The emotion, the connection - everyone is dreaming together, living their dreams together and having a great time making life friends while doing it. I've met friends, family, girlfriends and wives, and they've introduced me to them all as "the WONKA girl", with some side remarks like "WONKA is what made the tour" and "she's given us more candy than you can imagine."

Speaking of life friends, I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom from Mercy Mercedes. Here's the deal: NICEST guy --- EVER. Be sure to check him out on Twitter. Here's what he had to say when we sat down last night during our day off to chat:

Me: You say this has been the best tour so far for you guys, right? What's made it so good?

Tom: Well, last year we were doing our national tour and since the band was just starting up, we didn't have money for hotels and slept in Wal-Mart parking lots in our van. It's nice to know you're going to shower and that you're going to have a bed to sleep in. It's been so much easier - we're so thankful.

Me: Has there been anything hard about touring?

Tom: We tour because we love it. We love our fans, we love to play. But, I miss home and my girlfriend. Thankfully she's supportive of my dream!

Me: So you're not from North Carolina originally, right?

Tom: No, I'm from Connecticut and moved to North Carolina a couple years before our band started up (which was about two years go). But I consider myself a Southern boy like the rest of the guys.

Me: What's next for you?

Tom: We're going on tour with FTSK for a few dates, then we have Warped Tour this summer and another secret tour in the works...check out www.myspace.com/mercymercedes for details. Then we're cutting our first full length record. Very excited to get to work - we have a lot of great things coming. I hope you all enjoy them!

Me: What's the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you to sign?

Tom: A pair of clean underwear that they brought to the show. That was a little strange.

Me: If you weren't in a band, what would you be doing?

Tom: I'd be in college (he's only 21) going to school for I don't know what. I've never really thought about it - all I've ever wanted is to be a musician.

Well, luckily he is! And such a talented one. Thanks, Tom, for speaking with me!

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