Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Left moving Right....on the Road!

WOW. Bamboozle Left has almost LEFT (ha, get it) us speechless. With great bands, Kazoozles, WONKAvision, spray on tattoo artists and band appearances at the tent, the event was exciting for even the hard to impress Veruca Salts of the world. No one left without a smile on their face.

We gave away a few more exclusive membership Gold Cards to candy enthusiasts we found on site, each one proved their vast imagination and love of WONKA!

Grace won our first Gold Card by tracking us down by following our on site updates from Twitter!

Mark from Claremont, CA also followed us on Twitter leading up to the event. Our quick moves around the grounds weren't fast enough! He tracked us down within seconds of our location announcement.

Joel of Kentucky proved his love of WONKA by mastering a candy quiz! He also says his daily regiment includes several Laffy Taffy (which he also loves for their jokes)!

We'll sprinkle in a lot more from LEFT in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned...

...but for now, ROADSHOW! That's right, we mentioned we were sending our candy fiend friend, Jess, out on the road living for 5 weeks in the Never Shout Never tour bus to hit up all of the tour stops:

4/5 - Tucson
4/7 - Dallas (which she's going to be at the House of Blues today!)
4/8 - San Antonio
4/9 - Houston
4/10 - Tulsa
4/11 - St. Louis
4/12 - Nashville
4/14 - St. Petersburg, FL
4/15 - Ft. Lauderdale
4/16 - Lake Buena Vista
4/17 - Jacksonville Beach
4/18 - Atlanta
4/20 - Indianapolis
4/21 - Milwaukee
4/22 - Chicago
4/23 - Pontiac, MI
4/24 - Cleveland
4/25 - Alfred, NY
4/26 - Philadelphia
4/28 - Towson, MD
4/29 - Worcester, MA
4/30 - Farmingdale, NY

All along the way Jess will be taking pictures, providing updates and letting you know the behind the scenes of the tour! Check out these great shots from Tucson:

Mercy Mercedes rocking out!
Caleb from Forever The Sickest Kids geared up the audience!
Our Tucson Gold Card winner won when Travis from We The Kings threw out a WONKA t-shirt (which is on her head)! So much fun!

We'll fill you in later on news from Forever The Sickest Kids hometown, Dallas, later!

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