Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting Bamboozled!

Whoa! Whirlwind past couple of days as we've been gearing up to kick off tomorrow's Bamboozle LEFT...and we must tell you, things are coming together and it's going to be AWESOME. Today we got to spend the day on site before the festival playing with the WONKAvision mirrors. So. Incredibly. Cool. Check this out:
Jessica, our WONKA rep who is heading out on the road got a chance to play with the design applications to explore her creativity. We'll upload her design work later....!

After hanging out on site we headed over to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney in Anaheim for the kick off to Bamboozle -- Hoodwink. Backstage with the bands we overheard one of the members talking about Kazoozles...."This is the best candy ever." Woo hoo! We like it too!

Remember that GOLD CARD we mentioned?? We got on stage with DJ Prime to giveaway our first exclusive membership. We were so thrilled when Mackenzie from Belflower, CA won.

She was so much fun (That's Rotten Cotton from Bamboozle)!

All and all a great day. CANNOT wait to tell you all about tomorrow. Hope to see you there!


  1. Where / how do we get our WONKAvision shananigans from Bamboozle Left?

  2. They'll be posted up to by end of day Tuesday! Love to see your work!