Friday, April 24, 2009

The CAB take two!

Whoa, okay, so much fun. After speaking with Johnson yesterday, Alex Marshall and I had the chance to sit down and talk about the tour. Here's what he had to say....

Thank you so much, Alex for sitting down and talking to me! You're so great!


  1. love the video! :] you might not really know the answer to this question, but: how early have people been lineing up at the doors of the venues for the roadshow, because i dont know about what time i should get there. comment back if you can, thanks soooooo much!!

  2. Depending on the venue. We've had some people at doors as early as 6 am! But since it's general admission you can get there later and just push your way through the crowd if you'd like! Lines are LONG though! Maybe bring some coloring books and some WONKA snacks and come a few hours early. :)