Thursday, April 16, 2009

...if you let a band guy borrow your computer....'re going to be pranked. Yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale after an AWESOME show, Jonathan Cook from Forever The Sickest Kids borrowed my computer and decided to tweet from my Twitter account :

@iamjonathancook is such a great guy! If you have met him please tell us some cool stories

What's cool about that tweet was all the great responses I got back! Here's just some of them:

karijones@WONKAnation i trade him an FTSK She's a Lady Bracelet for his love everyone bracelet when they played a show in Ft.Worth, TX in Jan.

JackieOness@WONKAnation i met jcook in oct on the sassyback tour in LA,i got 2 hang out in the vans rv before the showhe kept callin me donna!weird lol

Am_Bizzle@WONKAnation I met Jonathan at the St.Louis show! My story is to long to type on here though :(

alltimeamy@WONKAnation last year at warped after ftsk's acoustic set n the myspace tent, jcook was sweating so i gave him a fan and he let me stand on stage with him

mallyxfacex3@WONKAnation at warped i walked up to him and gave him a t shirt and he said "oh hey, your the dr pepper girl!" (:

itsmonique@WONKAnation I'm sure you'll get tons of fun stuff. When I met him in 07, he used to be a little fashionista. Matching hat, shoes & shirt...

So cool! And as if I didn't learn, I also let @djknucklehead
or Kyle from FTSK borrow my computer today and I came back to a great new background photo.

Austin, Kyle and Kevin (the production guy) from FTSK

Hah, I love it. Great guys. Off to watch the rest of the Disney World show!

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