Thursday, May 28, 2009

Livin' L.A. Vida Loca....

That subject line admittedly took me a few minutes to come up with, I was trying to be clever since I'm in Los Angeles and all..hah. Moving on..

In Los Angeles for the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge which will be held at a BEAUTIFUL home in West Hollywood today and tomorrow. Celebs that will be strolling through all day will be using WONKAvision (which you had a chance to play with if you went to Bamboozle) and eat awesome amounts of candy (Chewy SweeTarts, MYSTERY Laffy Taffy-- which I LOVE, Fun Dip, Chewy Nerds, Sour Nerds, Nerd Rope, Bottlecaps, KAZOOZLES LOTS AND LOTS OF KAZOOZLES, and all kinds of delicious). Oh man. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

Stay tuned for updates, interviews, random facts and lots of fun! Cannot wait to tell you how it goes!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Vote for your fav bands!

As we mentioned before, the trueAnthem 's WONKA Battle of the Bands contest kicked off a few weeks ago and since has helped spread some great music throughout the WONKAnation. There are 42 great bands, all with music you can listen to, download or upload their widget to your favorite sites. Bands are judged based on downloads and listens....but here's the really sweet part. What you could help them win.

The contest ends on July 1st, 2009 at 12:00 AM PDT, so you still have plenty of time to help them win.....:

Grand Prize: $15,000

2nd Prize: MacBook

3rd Prize: iPod Touch, and Skullcandy headphones

4th Prize... 1 year supply of WONKA candy - WOOT! A year of Kazoozles would be super glorious.

So far here's how the competition is shakin' out:

Position Artist Name
Installs Downloads Listens Bonus
1 Shaolin Temple of BooM
2 Hurry! Lets Go
3 Metal Sanaz
4 Lelia Broussard
5 Teen Hearts
6 Brokencyde
7 Katius
8 Cary Judd
9 One Less Reason
10 Breathe Carolina
11 Schuyler Fisk
12 Laura Black
13 Closure in Moscow
14 Elyse and the Aftermath
15 A Skylit Drive
16 Melissa Rapp
17 Swimming with Dolphins
18 In Fear and Faith
19 A Static Lullaby
20 Mayda
21 The Smyrk
22 Watchout! There's Ghosts
23 Brian Chartrand
24 Matt Shwachman
25 Amber Ojeda
26 Kill Paradise
27 Outlett
28 Making April
29 Ace Enders
30 DJ Heavygrinder
31 Ryan Huston
32 Lucid Fly
33 Thee Armada
34 Can You Keep A Secret
35 Mike Falzone
36 The Go-Sheilas
37 The Artery Foundation
38 Grove Hill
39 Forgive Durden
40 Just Surrender
41 TV/TV
42 Jared J-Dub Jackson

Whoa, that's a lot of great music. Be sure to vote for your fav bands and listen to some awesome tunes. We're interested to hear what you like!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Sixth Bamboozle Roadshow Band?

I asked the guys on the road if they could add a sixth band to the Bamboozle Roadshow, who would they want to join them? I told them it could be ANYONE, so I got a huge mix of responses. Here’s who they picked:

We The Kings: They said Cartel or Mayday Parade would be really cool. They're already friends with them, and think it would be cool to hang out throughout the tour.

Forever the Sickest Kids: Kyle from FTSK said that he'd love it if Justin Timberlake could come kick it throughout the Roadshow.

The Cab: Drummer Alex Johnson said he'd love it if A Rocket to the Moon could join. Marshall said it would be cool if they could tour again with Sing it Loud.

Mercy Mercedes: The Mercy Mercedes guys all agreed that their "boys" Friday Night Boys should definitely be along for the ride.

NeverShoutNever: No real surprise here -- they'd love it if The Beatles could come hang out. That would be super cool. Dustin, the keyboardist, also said he'd love it Dashboard Confessional could come along (he's cousin's with DC's bassist, Scott).

Hmmm…I wonder if any of them would be interested in Bamboozle 2010?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Music Monday Favs!

One of my most fav things about Mondays is the excuse to ask tweeple of the Twitterverse about their music tastes. Every Monday #musicmonday hits high in the trends and it's an excuse for me to score some awesome suggestions for what to listen to throughout the's some of what I heard today (I've listen to a couple all REALLY good):

michaelajayne: @WONKAnation my favorite highway :-) #musicmonday

haleighfaceee: @WONKAnation #musicmonday sparks the rescue!

karijones: @WONKAnation my name up in lights- The Secret Handshake, and Raised By Wolves Ep - voxtrot #musicmonday

KO713: @WONKAnation #Mercy Mercedes for sureeee this week. I love those guys!

thabrinablaithe: @WONKAnation #mercymercedes obviously. but thats not just this week haha

MSxBEMBUA: @WONKAnation #musicmonday! ... since friday night at Croc Rock i'm into #MercyMercedes #FTSK #TheFridayNightBoys #TheWhiteTieAffair

lewizzz: @WONKAnation Of Mice & Men #musicmonday :)

hilljae: @WONKAnation currently listening to a "love in this club" cover by jamie's's glorious! #musicmonday

lithquitaIcon_lock@WONKAnation #mercymercedes but then again they always are. i've also been feeling #therocketsummer lately. i miss them both.

Whoa, you see all that Mercy Mercedes in there? Hah! I love them too, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that! And here is MY music suggestion for the week that I just HAVE to throw in:

Landon Pigg

Or maybe some Sondre Lerche!

And after touring Rockin' Rodeo with them, I can't help but have this song by Cash Cash stuck in my head!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rockin' Rodeo/Bamboozle Roadshow comes to a close..

...tonight was the last night of the Rockin' Rodeo tour for me, and it was a quick five days. I met so many great new bands like Kelsey and the Chaos, Cash Cash, Tina Parol, Friday Night Boys, White Tie Affair (I'm texting lead singer Chris as we speak -- such a cool guy!), all of which were awesome. They're going to have a killer rest of tour with Cobra Starship and All Time Low hanging out for the next few shows!

But, let's get real. Let's get emo. Talk about how I'm feeling as things are wrapping up *for now*. Here, I'll make a list. They're easier to read and everyone likes lists!

1. I've made 50+ awesome new friends that I can call on anytime or vice versa.
2. I've learned that sleep is often deemed an inappropriate use of time (you should be listening to tunes or practicing, etc) when you're on tour ESPECIALLY if you're van touring.
3. I've fallen in love with music, the industry and fans. All so awesome.
4. Eating fruits and vegetables? Why would you need to do that?

Four simple things all incredibly true. I want to say thank you all that made this past 6 weeks possible, been an amazing life changing experience!

Stay tuned though...we're not going anywhere.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What I've eaten on the road....

...So a lot of folks have asked about what's hard on the road, and for me it hasn't been the long drives or the late's been the change in eating habits.

Typically at home I eat pretty healthy with some WONKA splashed in of course (I have to have my Kazoozles for sure), but it's been pretty intense what we get in catering. Here's what I eat in a typical day (or every other day or so...I eat these things a lot while on the road) -- don't judge. :)

* Coffee at least 3 cups, no lie
* 2 sugar free Red Bulls
* A couple Diet Mnt Dews
* 3 Kazoozles and a few Banana Laffy Taffy
* Granola bar, generally peanut butter persuasion
* Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
* Dunkin' Donuts egg white and veggie sandwich
* Pizza without cheese, so basically just crust with sauce
* Whatever random catering...which is usually pasta and lots of awesomeness
* Chips and salsa, generally I just eat the salsa with a spoon which is typical to what I do back home. I'm a salsa fiend.

Literally had ONE homecooked meal in over a month! Woot!

Hahah, oh man. That's intense and of course, awesome!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rock this way!...with Matt Love it's all love.

...So I think I've been through it all (okay maybe not ALL of it, but a lot)...been through many sides of living life on the road. I've lived on a bus, I've toured in a van, and now I'm takin' it to a sweet rental car to the first 5 stops of the Rockin' Rodeo tour. It's been an amazing trip, a great experience, something that I'll look back on for the rest of my life.

But now what you've wanted, an interview with Matt from Mercy Mercedes that I had last night while we were sitting in the hospital waiting room (he had a stomach ulcer, poor guy! he's doing okay right now..).

Me: What's been the best part about touring for you?
Matt: By far the fans. If it wasn't for their encouragement we wouldn't be able to do what we're doing.

Me: What about Bamboozle? That was a big tour for you guys, right?
Matt: Yes, it was a huge national tour for us and it was great to play with such great guys. Met so many people, learned so much. I can't even explain how great that tour was, we had so much fun!

Me: What's the hardest thing about being on the road?
Matt: Missing my dogs(he has two really cute dogs)! I miss them soo much! And of course my girlfriend. She's taking care of the dogs though.

Me: What's next for you guys?
Matt: We're touring with FTSK right now on Rockin' Rodeo, you know that Jess, you're on the tour too (haha, yes I am). We're hanging out for the first five shows and then we're heading home for a bit. A lot is coming up though, we're working on our full length record and then Warped Tour this summer (they have 15 dates on the East coast) and then we have a BIG tour coming up in the fall...but you'll have to check in with our MySpace page to find out about it.

Matt: Yeah, you drink a lot of caffeine on the road. Have to stay awake and with the long drives and late's bound to happen I guess. I'll be alright though.

Me: You guys are really welcoming to fans and stick around after shows, right?
Matt: Of course, they're the ones that got us this far! I don't think I'll ever say no to signing something for a fan. It just makes me happy!

Such a great guy. Be sure to check him out on Twitter or his MySpace. He's definitely someone you want to be friends with!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bamboozle wrap up...and moving forward..

Bamboozle was amazing. I had so much fun with so many people. When I asked on Twitter what was everyone's favorite part of Bamboozle, here's what just a few of our friends said:

risypisy78: @WONKAnation I have 2 fav moments. 1. Trace walking down the middle and being right in front of me. 2. Tbs singing single ladies :)about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

kinkitink69: @WONKAnation hanging out with you was even more gonna find you next tour u go on ur 1 hot chick n_n

LuisaLunatic: - @WONKAnation it was great meeting you girl and you are super nice!!about

Kelsey Ensingershortie18gur: l@WONKAnation i was watching no doubt and gwen was making all the boys sing "i'm just a girl" it was awesome!!!!

KylakylareneeIcon_lock: @wonkanation my favorite moment was when @thetello left my car keys on top of the cooler in my car...but then left the front door unlocked.

tiny093005: @WONKAnation and I loved hanging with u and I love the fact that u got Demi's autograph for my daughter!!

tiny093005: @WONKAnation some of my favorite moments r all of FTSK sets! FOB and No Doubt!

daniELLEk514: @WONKAnation The Beatles "I Wanna Hold Your hand" ♫ #musicmonday: Christofer Drew singing this!

Wow, I just can't tell you. Such an amazing experience. We're taking it from Bamboozle and heading on to the Rockin''s going to be amazing.

Stay tuned for more from the road. This is going to be so awesome.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reporting from Bamboozle 2009 in New Jersey

Wrapping up the Bamboozle Roadshow at the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NY was the perfect ending. We pulled pranks on each other (some of the guys put baby powder on Mercy Mercedes kit), tweeted that it was people's birthday that it wasn't, sang happy birthday on stage and all came together at the close, to celebrate the start of our great Bamboozle Roadshow family. As I've said before, guys I will be friends with forever. All so wonderful. Thank you all.

...But it doesn't end there. This weekend we're at Bamboozle in New Jersey which has been....uhhh incredible. I met FOB, already eaten soooo much candy. Having a great time. I'll post pictures later, fear not. And don't worry...the fun doesn't end here. We have a lot more in store for always, stay tuned.