Monday, May 4, 2009

Bamboozle wrap up...and moving forward..

Bamboozle was amazing. I had so much fun with so many people. When I asked on Twitter what was everyone's favorite part of Bamboozle, here's what just a few of our friends said:

risypisy78: @WONKAnation I have 2 fav moments. 1. Trace walking down the middle and being right in front of me. 2. Tbs singing single ladies :)about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

kinkitink69: @WONKAnation hanging out with you was even more gonna find you next tour u go on ur 1 hot chick n_n

LuisaLunatic: - @WONKAnation it was great meeting you girl and you are super nice!!about

Kelsey Ensingershortie18gur: l@WONKAnation i was watching no doubt and gwen was making all the boys sing "i'm just a girl" it was awesome!!!!

KylakylareneeIcon_lock: @wonkanation my favorite moment was when @thetello left my car keys on top of the cooler in my car...but then left the front door unlocked.

tiny093005: @WONKAnation and I loved hanging with u and I love the fact that u got Demi's autograph for my daughter!!

tiny093005: @WONKAnation some of my favorite moments r all of FTSK sets! FOB and No Doubt!

daniELLEk514: @WONKAnation The Beatles "I Wanna Hold Your hand" ♫ #musicmonday: Christofer Drew singing this!

Wow, I just can't tell you. Such an amazing experience. We're taking it from Bamboozle and heading on to the Rockin''s going to be amazing.

Stay tuned for more from the road. This is going to be so awesome.

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