Thursday, May 7, 2009

What I've eaten on the road....

...So a lot of folks have asked about what's hard on the road, and for me it hasn't been the long drives or the late's been the change in eating habits.

Typically at home I eat pretty healthy with some WONKA splashed in of course (I have to have my Kazoozles for sure), but it's been pretty intense what we get in catering. Here's what I eat in a typical day (or every other day or so...I eat these things a lot while on the road) -- don't judge. :)

* Coffee at least 3 cups, no lie
* 2 sugar free Red Bulls
* A couple Diet Mnt Dews
* 3 Kazoozles and a few Banana Laffy Taffy
* Granola bar, generally peanut butter persuasion
* Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
* Dunkin' Donuts egg white and veggie sandwich
* Pizza without cheese, so basically just crust with sauce
* Whatever random catering...which is usually pasta and lots of awesomeness
* Chips and salsa, generally I just eat the salsa with a spoon which is typical to what I do back home. I'm a salsa fiend.

Literally had ONE homecooked meal in over a month! Woot!

Hahah, oh man. That's intense and of course, awesome!

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