Monday, May 11, 2009

Music Monday Favs!

One of my most fav things about Mondays is the excuse to ask tweeple of the Twitterverse about their music tastes. Every Monday #musicmonday hits high in the trends and it's an excuse for me to score some awesome suggestions for what to listen to throughout the's some of what I heard today (I've listen to a couple all REALLY good):

michaelajayne: @WONKAnation my favorite highway :-) #musicmonday

haleighfaceee: @WONKAnation #musicmonday sparks the rescue!

karijones: @WONKAnation my name up in lights- The Secret Handshake, and Raised By Wolves Ep - voxtrot #musicmonday

KO713: @WONKAnation #Mercy Mercedes for sureeee this week. I love those guys!

thabrinablaithe: @WONKAnation #mercymercedes obviously. but thats not just this week haha

MSxBEMBUA: @WONKAnation #musicmonday! ... since friday night at Croc Rock i'm into #MercyMercedes #FTSK #TheFridayNightBoys #TheWhiteTieAffair

lewizzz: @WONKAnation Of Mice & Men #musicmonday :)

hilljae: @WONKAnation currently listening to a "love in this club" cover by jamie's's glorious! #musicmonday

lithquitaIcon_lock@WONKAnation #mercymercedes but then again they always are. i've also been feeling #therocketsummer lately. i miss them both.

Whoa, you see all that Mercy Mercedes in there? Hah! I love them too, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that! And here is MY music suggestion for the week that I just HAVE to throw in:

Landon Pigg

Or maybe some Sondre Lerche!

And after touring Rockin' Rodeo with them, I can't help but have this song by Cash Cash stuck in my head!

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