Saturday, April 25, 2009

The coolest thing ever...

Hanging out with these guys has made me feel like a rock star. No joke, I feel like a big deal. I'm a girl with candy. What's more awesome than that? Okay, here are a couple things that have happened to me to make me feel, like, super rad.

There for Tomorrow showed up for the Orlando show and when we were introduced they said to me, "Oh yeah, you're the WONKA girl, right? We've heard about you." Oh man, so cool.

Hanging out with Dashboard Confessional at the Fort Lauderdale show: "A tour sponsored by WONKA? What's cooler than that!" And then hanging out with Scott (the bassist) again in Milwaukee, he introduces me to his friends as, "You want to know something cool? This is Mrs. WONKA. No, really."

Last night, I was walking through the crowd at the Cleveland House of Blues show when I got pulled aside by a fan:

Random Fan: Hey, I follow you on Twitter!
Me: That's awesome, have you tweeted me before?
RF: No, but I know everything about WONKAnation.
RF(to her friends): This is WONKA!
Friends: I thought WONKA was a guy?
RF: No, this is WONKA and she is sooooo cool.

Ahhhh, life of a rock star. No wonder these guys are addicted to life on the road!

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