Friday, April 10, 2009

Everything is a-ok in Oklahoma!

So life in the bus was cool, but I'm trying to experience all sides of life on the road. So I'm leaving the Never Shout Never bus gig to experience van life with Mercy Mercedes!

Last night was the first night and we kicked it out of the House of Blues in Houston and headed to IHOP for a late night bite:

B-Real and Mike hanging out

Then we climbed back in the van and listened to some tunes before hitting up a hotel an hour later at 3:30 a.m. Our call time was at 7:00 a.m. for a 7 hour drive to Tulsa, OK. Little sleep going, ladies and gentleman.

Besides the lack of sleep and showers (I am running on 3 days with no shower), I cannot explain how awesome it is to be a rockstar. One among legends....listening to the fans scream every night, chillin' backstage, passing out Kazoozles and Gold Cards...BEST EVER. Here's a few of our Gold Card Winners from the past few shows:

The lovely Brittany was presented a GOLD CARD by Kidd Kraddick at the Dallas House of Blues for her 16th birthday! She also received an extra to share with her best friend!

Mario from San Antonio won a Gold Card when FTSK tossed an autographed WONKA t-shirt into the crowd!

Robbie from San Antonio scored a Gold CARD while waiting in line outside the White Rabbit and played a WONKA trivia contest...he named the most WONKA candies.

Will and Brad, from the band Barely Blind, showed up at the Houston House of Blues show and scored a Gold Card to bring back with them to Belmont, TX.

BFFs Shazia and Casee from Katy, TX proved their love of WONKA by tweeting up to meet WONKAnation in person and scored Gold Cards.

Ohhhh cannot wait to give out GOLD CARDS in Oklahoma! Tomorrow we're kickin' off a new spin on our BLOG so stay tuned!

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