Monday, April 20, 2009

Little of this, little of that

Indianapolis -- what a BEAUTIFUL city. Beautiful venue and probably the best acoustic sound in a venue that we've had yet. We almost escaped it with complete success, until B-Real of Mercy Mercedes attempted a triple jump (he normally shoots for a double jump search on YouTube for a sample) some on stage and hurt himself! He's at the hospital right now and we're awaiting the verdict...we'll be sure to let you know what we find out ASAP.

Here's a few little tidbits I thought you'd find interesting:

  • Matt and Nate from Mercy Mercedes are cousins
  • Kyle and Marc from FTSK are step brothers
  • Marc also beat Call of Duty on his day off yesterday
  • Tom of Mercy Mercedes is the only non-North Carolina native (he's from Connecticut)
  • Austin of FTSK always orders a meatball sub when he stops by Subway (we went for dinner tonight...see happy picture below)

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