Wednesday, July 1, 2009

EVERY Hour, EVERY Day Summer Sweepstakes!

If you weren’t already getting jazzed about summer, wait until you hear this – WONKA wants to bring you the ULTIMATE online sweepstakes. That’s right - ULTIMATE. The Every Hour, Every Day Summer Sweepstakes!

Oh I’m so excited! Okay, okay, let me explain. WONKA is giving away prizes EVERY hour, EVERY day throughout the month of August, and I’m talking awesome prizes (plasma TVs, Xboxes, Yamaha guitars, candy, LOTS of good stuff). Here’s how you can get started right now for a chance to win amazing prizes:
Register and login to participate. You can register at

Now here’s the important part – getting codes. How do you do that? You look for codes inside any packages of WONKA’s single size candy.
If there isn’t a code inside (like Kazoozles packages, for example), use the UPC number on the outside of the package. See samples below.

So now that you’re snacking on your scrumptious Nerds Rope, what can you do? Start banking right away, then in August start spending codes for a chance to win those cool prizes!
Every code you collect during June, July and August can be used as an entry starting on August 1. So what does that mean? Not only do you get a chance at winning great prizes, but you get to eat candy to get there! DOUBLE w00t!


The more codes you bank, the more chances you’ll have to win! The prize giveaways don’t start until August – but NOW is the time to start banking codes so you’ll have more to use in August on your favorite prizes!!

Once you’ve registered an account at, you can bank up to 10 per day and WONKA will keep track of your balance for you. Each time you login, you’ll know how many codes you have banked—which is how many entries you’ll be able to use for the prizes you want most. You can bank codes through August 31st, while the sweepstakes are going on!

There is a different prize every hour, every day throughout August, and each hourly prize is up for grabs during that hour only. You can spend as many codes as you have banked in your account to increase your chances of winning.

Think of it this way: The more codes you spend for that hour’s prize, the better your chances are to win!

OH MAN, I have to go tell all my friends to get some WONKA candy and start banking!!! Now you know why I’m so excited!! LOVE SUMMER!
Be sure to check back frequently for details leading up into August’s spending season!

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  1. how do i find out where to get some Kazoozles... CVS doesn't have them, WAWA i'm not sure. Walmart? Help.... mustttt.... haveeee.... KAZOOOOZLES!