Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 1 of VWT!

Whoa! Total whirlwind of a day. Today kicked off our first two weeks on Warped Tour in Mansfield, MA, to a sold out show, and all I can say is...AWESOME. The day was definitely packed full with great bands, great music and amazing fans. We gave away Gold Cards to three great WONKA lovers!

Tom from Peabody LOVES Nerds!

Chelsea from Billrica, MA hung out with me on the Bamboozle Roadshow in Worcester! Great to see her again and hook her up with a Gold Card!

Ryan from Merrimack, NH and his friends were stoked to be hooked up with 6 months access to WONKA candy.

After handing out some Gold Cards I had the pleasure of hanging out in the press room with The Maine, White Tie Affair, Sessions, Ionia, InnerPartySystem, A Skylit Drive and of course Mercy Mercedes (we'll be posting some video interviews up on our facebook and MySpace pages, so be sure to check them out!)

Things I love about Warped Tour:

* Catering -- great food. A lot of the bands on tour are vegan/vegetarian (like I am) and they make lots of great stuff to satisfy all dietary needs. I had tofu lasagna and the most incredible salad! w00t! I polished off the day with Kazoozles :)

* Lots of bands! Tons of opportunities to meet great people. I will say that because there are so many, the family vibe we had on Bamboozle Roadshow might not happen right away, but I'm looking forward to getting to know the bands that you want the behind-the-scenes on(so let me know!).

* Fans so stoked about the music! Fans told me they waited ALL YEAR for VWT and so they were willing to stand in ABSOLUTE DOWNPOUR (and I mean DOWNPOUR) to listen to their fav bands.

* Production/behind-the-scenes folks -- they've been doing this tour for awhile, they know the ins and outs, the secrets, the myths, the truths, the every inner-workings. I look forward to sharing their infinite knowledge with you!

* Being on a bus! Last tour we started on a bus, then a van and some time in a car to get the FULL tour experience. But climbing into a bunk and sleeping while the driving is being done for you...that's the way to tour!

Stay tuned....long drive tonight 11 hours on the bus and then I'll wake up in Virgina Beach, VA!

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