Thursday, July 23, 2009

Behind the scenes at Warped...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of trolling around with my bus mate Steve who is in his third year of being on tour with Warped and runs a lot of their IT. He's definitely one of the folks that is good to know on the tour if you're after the inside scoop, which of course we are.

We started the tour backstage in production and he introduced me to the head tour manager (Lisa) and her support staff (Julie and Courtney). They are front of house production. They plan the daily band set times, they coordinate vendors, nonprofits and map the set ups. They are the face of Warped and being in that position requires a lot of patience, organization and creativity (w00t!). They've been doing it for awhile, so surprisingly enough they're very calm people throughout the entire day (which starts for them at 7 am and ends at 10 pm). LOVE them.

We then headed on past the Warped Press room which is where I've spent a lot of time. That's where all the bands are interviewed by local press, tour managers set up times that they're available, and they bring them in to answer questions. Bethany runs the press show and because she's been around for awhile she knows all of the bands, tour managers and publications. She's the IT (not in the information technology sense, but in the awesome sense) girl fo sho!

Backstage you'll also find an masseuse on staff (that charges $1 a minute) which I'll be heading to later, a 20 person catering staff (which include a full-time vegan chef), and sponsorship folks.

We walked the grounds (which are segmented into sections and planned) through "non-profit world" and "sponsor world." Stopped for a second to play Rockband and I got 58% on karaoke..major fail! But I successfully got an airbrush tattoo!

Then moved on to "merch world," main stage, Hurley stage, Smartpunk and, Kia Kevin Says, and Skull Candy stage which all have their personalities and known faces. It's a family and I've been lucky enough to be welcomed into it!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes from the Warped family....!

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