Friday, July 31, 2009

Bus 17's Best Bunk Competition!

WONKA has been lucky enough to be riding on the road with a group of incredible individuals who were willing to participate in the ultimate competition when you're on the road...the BEST BUNK competition.

When you're riding on a bus with 17 people, you have extremely limited space and keeping your bunk clean and trendy is a little difficult. There are a few individuals on the bus that have stepped above all the rest (in terms of decoration) to participate in best bunk and we'd love for you to judge...rules are simple: nothing can be purchased, all had to be found on the grounds of Warped. So let's bring on the contestants!

It's a little unfair for me to participate in this competition, because, well, c'mon. WONKA candy...Mercy Mercedes t-shirt and Truth t-shirt = automatic win. Right?

So here's who we're judging...contestant 1....:

This bunk comes equipped with a built in espresso maker and an "Evil Cupcake Biker Club"(which is an exclusive Warped Tour club) backpack full of goodies.

Contestant 2:

This contestant has collected a number of goodies along the way. Shells from the beach in St.Petersburg, cheese from WI, stickers from bands, batman light (from their birthday cupcakes), whoopie cushions (thanks to Truth).

Contestant 3:

This contestant claims that their bunk is the most "down home". Comfortable, cozy, relaxed. They say it's the way you'd "expect a bedroom to be."

Contestant 4:

Curtains closed...Scary Kids Scary Kids' cut outs open the scene...and behind it you find a bunk that a rockstar is sure to love. Full of candy, stickers, and cut outs. Definitely a plush pad.

Contestant 5:

This comfortable space is ready for late night drives! They've brought out all of their fav snacks to cuddle up with and get to work on their laptop.

Contestant 6:

It's hard to stay organized on the road, but at least this competitor can stay stylish. They're showcasing their golden sandals and fanny pack!

Contestant 7:

This, to me, is the perfect showcase of life on the road. It includes the essentials: good walking shoes, water bottle, great music and a half eaten dinner (if you get time to eat even that much you're lucky!).

So there they are...our competitors. Look forward to your votes. We'll announce the winner soon!


  1. I'm going to go with bunk 5 on this one: flannel sheets, laptop, and ritz crackers? I could live for decades sitting right there.