Sunday, August 2, 2009

Warped Artists...more than just musicians

When you think about a music festival, you think about only think about the musicians as the artists...but there the creative minds are endless.

Today I had the opportunity to climb onto Oliver Peck's traveling tattoo RV that follows along with Warped Tour for the full two months exhibiting his artwork all along the way. He started touring with Warped five years ago after tattooing a few musicians who loved his work. Because the size of the artwork he produces, it takes weeks to finish a lot of his work and so touring he says, "just makes sense." You climb into the RV (that doubles as a home for 5 while on tour) and you'll see stickers everywhere, books of designs, two stations, and a plethora of images to help spur the imagination.

People come to Oliver knowing his artwork (it's highly regarded not just in the road community, but in the tattoo community at large), and trust his imagination and ability to sense what people would like just by a handshake -- an exceptional artist and for us a totally unexpected gem out on Warped Tour.

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