Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Music Saves Lives

A great thing about Warped Tour is their extensive non-profit outreach done through Kevin Lyman's Unite the United which brings non-profits into the tour at no cost to share mission with the thousands of attendees each day. We've been fortunate enough to be on the same bus as one of the non-profits: Music Saves Lives.

MSL is a non-profit organization that sets up on site each day throughout the entire tour. They provide the first 150 blood donors with VIP access to the show. These lucky 150 have to donate at a Red Cross blood drive in advance of the show and then when gates open they rush to the tent with a voucher that is provided to them at the blood drive. When they show up the voucher, they get the band that allows them backstage access all day, free water all day, and they can cut lines to all of the band signings at the tent.

A small price to pay to see the show in an incredible way!

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