Friday, June 19, 2009

trueAnthem's #1 (right now)

I had the opportunity to speak with David from Shaolin Temple of BooM who is currently leading the ranks in the trueAnthem competition. The music is good, I mean, like legit good. Be sure to download it after checking out this interview.

What's going on work wise for you right now?

I am heavily involved in this contest [WONKA's trueAnthem contest] from organizing my street teams to cross promotions with who let me borrow some of their artists for two brand new remixes of my songs(which are available as a FREE Download on my trueAnthem player as well as everything under the Shaolin Temple of BooM sun).

I run my own record label which is exclusive to SToB called Cherry Atom Pie Records, but looking at possible licensing deals for my songs. I'm also working on new music that goes back to my "Inside," "Into Nothing" roots. I've done some mellow tracks recently, but now it's time to explore the darker side of things once again.

Where can fans get updates on what you're working on right now and where you're touring?
Best spot is MySpace or my Web site which is it's own community where people can make profiles and interact in forums - like a mini-MySpace.

You're leading the the trueAnthem competition right now. Are you doing something to help get your word out?
We have an INCREDIBLE street team, we could NOT do it without them. Which include Gerardo Garcia , Jin, and others. It's amazing what they do for us, they keep us going.

What's your favorite thing about being a musician?

The opportunity to create music I want to hear.

If you weren't a musician what would you be?

An artist...I am a visual artist as well and I plan to go more deeply into that later on.

What's your favorite band or who inspires your music?

I hope you don't think this pretentious, but I love Beethoven (which we also love, David!), I can listen to his music for days on end. I also like Nine Inch Nails and Thom Yorke.

How did your band get started?
A Casio keyboard and a cheap knock off of a Les Paul guitar by some unknown brand name.

Single best song lyric?

The one yet to be written.

What's your favorite WONKA candy?

I like em all, hard to choose on that one (ohhhhh, I totally understand...I'm debating between Kazoozles and SweeTarts riggghhhhhhttt now).

And, here's some just for fun!

Favorite food? Hard to choose between sushi and lasagna

Favorite cereal?
Fruit Loops

Biggest irrational fear? I have an irrational fear of having a biggest
irrational fear (Me, too, David, me too).

Favorite cartoon character?
Afro Samurai on Spike

Favorite TV show/movie? I don't watch TV to be honest I really have no
time I do watch movies via that invention called the DVD. Favorite movie....hmmm
can't pick just's a toss up between "Cast Away", "Unforgiven" and
"Copying Beethoven".

It was wonderful speaking with David, and if you'd like to learn more about him or his band you can find them be sure to check out their MySpace.

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