Tuesday, June 9, 2009

trueAnthem contest continues...Hurry Let's Go...no wait, stay, that's the name of the band

Well the trueAnthem contest continues on with your chance to vote for your favorite bands, listen and download some incredible music. We were lucky enough to speak with some of the bands that are participating like Hurry Let's Go.

Today I spoke with Alan from Hurry Let’s Go, who along with band mate Robbie, is leading the competition.

*What's going on career-wise for you right now?
Currently I'm a student at Florida State University (graduating in May 2010) majoring in Marketing. I love what I'm doing with my music, but having the tools to understand the marketing side I think has been really useful throughout this contest. Both Robbie and I are working really hard to spread our music. This contest has really helped us do just that!

*What's your favorite thing about being a musician?
When I’m not having a very good day, I just sit down and make an instrumental melody on my computer and write music to it – it helps calm me down. After finishing up the songs I realized that it also makes others happy and that makes me happy, making people happy and creating music. That's what keeps me making music!

*If you weren't a musician what would you be?
I'd be doing something in marketing, well after I get my degree! But dream wise? Swimming has always been a passion though. I used to be really hardcore and got carried away with the band. But how cool would it be to be in the Olympics and swim with the big dogs like Michael Phelps.

*What's your favorite band or who inspires your music?
Linkin Park, Blink 182 and Underoath I've been into for a long time. PlayRadioPlay is a more recent inspiration of what we're doing now.

How did your band get started?
Summer of 2006 right before I started college. I was hanging out with friend Robbie, and we both are military brats and entertained ourselves for a long time by creating hip hop songs and R & B. We then started getting more into rock music because we wanted to do something that didn’t involve instruments – something more computer based (like PlayRadioPlay or the Postal Service). So we created our first song “Happily Ever After” (which will have a new version on their upcoming album) and haven't looked back since!

Single best song lyric? “Madi don’t leave” by PlayRadioPlay - the lyrics are incredible. It doesn’t sound like it make a great song, but you put the emotion behind it and its really incredible.

Where can fans get updates on what you're working on right now?

Well I can tell you, we're working on our third album right now and MySpace.com/HurryLetsGo (10 or 11 track album should be released this fall. We will have our new songs and migh have limited time offer free music downloads. But, right now we have 18 songs available for download through trueAnthem, some are exclusive to trueAntehm, like our instrumental sets which you can't find on iTunes. So go download them now!

What's your favorite WONKA candy?
Nerds – Strawberry/Grape flavored. I remember being 7 and getting the small boxes for Halloween and I’d devour them before anything else.

And just for fun:
•Favorite food?
Spanish tortilla (his mom is from Spain) – it’s a pie with potato, eggs and onion
Favorite cereal?
Frosted Flakes
Biggest irrational fear?
Losing a tooth – I have always loved my smile and I’d rather not get any of them mixing. Also I walk barefoot a lot so I’m always afraid of stepping on glass.
Favorite cartoon character?
Homer Simpson
Favorite TV show/Movie?
That 70s Show. Yes I know it's old, but I still watch it all the time, and my favorite movie? I'm torn between Borat and Transformers. Both are great.

Final thoughts?
Robbie went to NJ for awhile to try something new, and he wasn’t in it when the trueAnthem contest started which I was nervous about. But now he’s back and helping with the promotion and the music. It’s great to have, he really is a major part of the music and the band and I’m so grateful to work with him.

Also, I want to thank trueAnthem and WONKA for getting this going and great job to all the other bands that are in the contest. I’ve been able to meet a lot of great bands through the contest and I’ve been able to get a lot of free music through the contest and listening to bands I never have before like Breathe Carolina, Teen Hearts and Cary Judd.

Stay tuned in for tomorrow's band interview...we're talking with the competition...Shaolin Temple of BooM!

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