Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Go for the Gold (Card)! Show us how you Kazoozle!

WONKA’s newest candy, Kazoozles, shipped out from WONKA’s Candy Factory to retailers nationwide Monday (June 8) which is basically the greatest news ever, at least in our opinion. Now you’ll be able to get as many Kazoozles as you want! Ahh, so good! But here’s the best part: Eating Kazoozles could help you score an exclusive Gold Card membership.

“Whhhatttttt?!,” you say? It’s true. Gold could be yours. Here’s the deal:

Take photos of yourself posing, eating, creating a fine work of art (out of the chewy awesome candy of glory) or sharing Kazoozles – whatever it is you do. Use the wrapper, use the candy, and use your mad skillz. I, personally, am a fan of creating the Kazoozles bracelet. Tastes better than any candy necklace ever has and teeth marks from bites I take out of them add a sense of style, right? Right.

Anyway, so take your pictures and load them up to our Facebook fan page and/or your MySpace (and tag yourself and us), or twitpic you photo to @WONKAnation (and be sure to hashtag your pics with #Kazoozles). We’ll take twitpics and load them up to our fan page so everyone can check them out and let us know what they think.

Be creative. Do something totally WONKA. The more creative you are, the greater your chance is to score six months access to WONKA’s candy closet (via the Gold Card). Since Kazoozles are so tasty, we ask that you keep your pictures in good taste. Anything in bad taste will be pulled from our pages and you’ll be out of the running for Gold, and why would you want to risk losing something so sweet!?

We want to give everyone a chance to find Kazoozles in their local retailers, so well be giving away Gold Cards up until August 31 for the quirkiest and coolest Kazoozles pics. You’re not limited to one photograph, snap as many as you’d like (that’s giving you an entire summer full of great pictures!), check out images from other WONKA and Kazoozles lovers to get some creative inspiration. This is one giveaway you definitely don’t want to miss.

Can’t wait to see what you got. Now get out there and show us how YOU Kazoozle!


  1. i know exactly what i'm going to do! :) yay can't wait! <3

  2. Can't wait to see what you are thinking!