Monday, August 16, 2010

WONKA-Tastic Warped Tour Fashion Statements

Hey there WONKA wonderfuls!

We just spent a little time “downstairs” (what we call the bay area of the tour bus) sifting through a travel bag for a little somethin’ to make our simple black dresses and rockin’ outfits a little less simple. We have a Warped Tour BBQ tonight and we’d like to class it up.

Warped Tour is a haven for self-expression and really what better place to let it all shine then a breeding ground for young talent, art, music, fashion, discovery and imagination.

So we’ve set out to see what all of you wonderful Warped Tour and WONKA fans are reppin’ this summer. We see the stickers, the “Free Hugs” written in sharpie on your back, the vibrant splashes of paint on your faces and arms, and we see the bracelets. Male, female, band member or fan, most of you are rocking them on the left, right or both - and it looks awesome. What is the most popular of all you might wonder? Wonder no more, it is the rubber bracelet! Think “Live Strong” but morphed into hipster couture. Wrist couture, if you will. It seems like almost every band guy out here has one on (see photos below).

Splashy colors with symbols or words, these rule the tour grounds this year. It’s all about making a statement of your own, but not being flashy – even if you do rock the bling. It’s all about you, your words and spreading positive messages.

And they’re cheap! Rad and inexpensive. Can’t get much better than that….