Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Best Venue Award Goes To…..

Well, Warped Tour has come to an end, but I MUST tell you about one of our last stops! We arrived at The Gorge in Washington State after a pretty rough trek from Boise, Idaho. As the bus brakes grinded underneath our bunks, for what is usually still pretty quiet moments, we heard a lot of stirring around. It was definitely the first time on tour where multiple people woke up early (6 a.m., anyone?) to wander around the venue to take a heavy hit of all its beauty. And was it ever! This place was by far the most BEAUTIFUL venue I have ever been to. The Gorge stage had this majestic backdrop of mountains falling into a river. The word “wow” was on repeat at catering.

While most of the bands saved their final performances for the second day, Reverend Peyton and his Big Band decided to put on a special treat for fans and tour peeps the first day by inviting anyone that was a part of the tour to come on stage and perform with them for their last song of the set.

It was an all-star sing-a-long with Andrew W.K. and his sparkling wife, Cherie Lily, The Pretty Reckless, The Casualties, Giuseppe from Haste The Day, Face to Face, etc. It was a beautiful spectacle and the audience joined in at the top of their lungs.

We’re definitely sad that this spectacular adventure came to an end, but it’s mixed with extra joy that we got to be part of something so rad, and to have met and connected with all of these people.

Luck for me and for you, we took a few photos to capture the madness in all its glory.

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