Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Are Family!

On Warped Tour there is a wonderful sense of family that underlies everything. These people are the people you share bed time (a.k.a. bus call) with every night and wake up with every morning. We all here on tour share meals, stages, grounds, bathrooms, and good times. We are intertwined with each other’s lives for the eight weeks we spend out here on the road. We look out for each other and it’s all pretty awesome. Outside of the bubble, I don’t spend half as much time with some of my dearest friends and family.

The added bonus to all of this summer camp and family love is having awesome bus mates who you share the closest quarters with. Our roomies are like getting extra cherries and chocolate sprinkles on your sundae. These people RULE, and it’s so sad when some of them have to leave. Recently we had to say goodbye to Nick and Justin from A Rocket to the Moon. Their acoustic Warped stint came to an end. They’re two of the raddest, sweetest and most stylish dudes that we’ve ever met. Please check out their band!. These guys deserve every bit of goodness that comes their way.

We’re all going to have to sharpen our DJ skills now on the Bus. I think we can do it. After all, Kid Cedek, our WONKA tent DJ, sleeps on here too!

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