Friday, October 29, 2010

World's First WONKA Candy Store Comes to NYC!

Calling all candy fanatics! The first-ever WONKA candy store recently opened inside the world's largest toy store—Toys“R”Us—in New York City's Times Square!

Located on level one, the WONKA candy shop invites you to pick Pixy Stix from a 21-foot tree, pluck Laffy Taffy and Fun Dip from pretty plastic flowers and even make your own customized bags from candy mushrooms filled with WONKA's 12 classic brands, including Nerds, Spree and Everlasting Gobstoppers and the brand new WONKA Exceptionals collection. How cool and delicious does that sound?!?!

With candies dangling from the rafters and bulk-candy bins housed inside mushroom-shaped tables, the WONKA candy store is truly a piece of imagination come to life. A bonus for truly devoted WONKA fans—besides candy, of course—the new colorful candy store offers WONKA T-shirts, tasty lip-balms, and "whimsical stationary!"

So what are you waiting for? Follow your nose to the chocolate-scent-filled WONKA store on 44th and Broadway to checkout this candy paradise for yourself!


  1. Wonka? In NYC I just have to go and check this out. I've always been a Wonka fan, I would really enjoy getting my picture taken with an Oompa Loompa. My favorite was one called "Oompas." They were chewey fruit square shaped candy with an big burst of flavor inside. I enjoyed the Wonka game for Gamecube, but those darn robots were always out of controll and getting in the way. I thought it was alot of fun with all those challenges, and some of the puzzles were difficult to do. But I did get to tour the wonderous factory and get it back in running and working order, thanks to the help of the oompa loompas. But you have to admit that they were tricky to find thoughout the factory.
    Mr. Wonka is a candy genious, and his works are beyond imagination. I'll enjoy Wonka's candy and one day I'll find that golden ticket in a Wonka Chocolate bar.

  2. Do they carry the bumpy beans there? I can't find them anywhere!!! My absolute favorite candy in the world!!

  3. maybe they do maybe they don't


  4. Hopefully they dont but still oh well fuck it

  5. great!!! wonka is one of best Bulk Candy Store. I think these guys will get good response in NYC.

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