Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A.P. Tour 2010… and So It Begins!

Well hello there my fantastic WONKAnation friends! We just kicked off the AP Tour with a few shows in Texas and Arizona and I can already tell this is gonna be an AWESOME two months on the road!

The first day of tour always seems to feel a little like the first day of high school… you’re nervous and excited at the same time and you don’t know quite what to expect. Well…as soon as my bus arrived to pick me up, I knew it was gonna be all good! The band that I’m living with, Hey Monday, jumped out with big smiles on their faces sayin, “You’re the WONKA candy chick?? This rules!” Let me tell y’all, we are definitely the most popular bus on tour already with all this free WONKA candy!

So here’s the deal, we are hitting 41 different cities across the U.S. on this tour so there’s pretty much no excuse for not coming to a show to get some free candy, listen to killer bands and to hang out with me at our WONKA booth. Check back here for my weekly updates and follow @WONKAnation for instantaneous awesomeness during the shows! Who knows, I might just be talking about you and your rockin’ WONKA style!

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