Friday, February 26, 2010

Attention All Chocolate Lovers! Introducing WONKA Exceptionals!

We at WONKA wanted to show our fans how WONKA does chocolate, and we’re sooooo excited to share some EXCEPTIONAL news!

This past week, WONKA launched its new collection of premium chocolates - WONKA Exceptionals! These chocolates - inspired by the WONKA story so many of you know and love - are unlike any others on the shelf. More than eye candy, the WONKA Exceptionals chocolate collection was created with as much attention to the taste inside as the presentation outside. WONKA is bringing a pinch of whimsy, a bucket of imagination and something a little unexpected to the all-too-stuffy premium chocolate category.

The new WONKA Exceptionals chocolate collection started appearing on store shelves last week, so keep an eye open for them in your area.

Visit for more information about WONKA’s decadent new chocolate collection! Chocolate coma, here we come!

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