Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Igniting the WONKAnation!

Welcome to the wonderful world of WONKA! Here we hope to provide you with the latest information on our mystical confections (we have a lot of new things in store that we’ll be sharing with you *through giveaways* soon), as well as provide you with the inside scoop on our upcoming partnership with the Bamboozle.

We’ll be sending a WONKA rep from our factory along with the Roadshow bands: NeverShoutNever, Mercy Mercedes, TheCAB, Forever The Sickest Kids and We the Kings. We’ll let you know here when to expect LIVE video interviews with the band and we’ll post pics of our trip, as well as pics of what we’re cooking up in our factory.

We’re excited to be here and hope we’ll hear from you on what we can do to help feed your imagination.

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